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DJ SINCERE/ DRTYBSMNT MULTIMEDIA Genre: Hip Hop / Rap / Breaking Records Former SlipNslide Records/Xsquad DJs East Coast President.DJ Straight out of the Q-Boro of NYC, DJ Sincere took to turntables like Trump takes to money. At the age of 13, Sincere bought his first set of turntables in hopes of mastering his skills and rockin’ crowds like his idols Grand Master Vic, the Disco Twins, not to mention DJ Johnnie Quest. As a teen, he would wake up early in the morning during the summertime in hopes of finding a block party or park jam so he can get on the wheels and entertain the local masses. A few years later, Sincere booked his first paying DJ assignment; it was a local "Vegas Night" party, but to him it was a glimpse into the future. It wasn’t long before the turntable technician was in demand to showcase his talents at private parties, teen jams and community based venues all over the Jamaica area of Queens. Plain and simple – the more he displayed his skills at functions, the more he became in demand. Ever expanding, DJ Sincere showcased his talent as a heat-serving mix master from New York to Boston. Understanding that urban music is very diverse, Sincere eventually started focusing on other avenues, ever expanding his grip on the [Hip Hop] industry at large. In the mid 90’s, the hard working DJ shifted his priorities to the production aspect of the game. With a specific vision, he started working with upstart MC’s, R&B artists’ [and the like] producing demo’s for the purpose of securing recording or production deals. Just as some great athletes move on to try different things, but return to their first love… DJ Sincere realized that spinning music was indeed his top priority. With the advent of mixtapes [CD’s] becoming so popular in the mid to late 90’s, he started creating masterful blends to distribute to a wide audience. Although Sincere is primarily known as a DJ and mixtape genius, that doesn’t mean he’s not building up the arsenal. He also has his hands in everything from Managing future contributors to the culture of Hip Hop, bookings shows at well-known venues and promoting a variety of music events.
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